About EFEx Digital

EFEx Digital is a subscription platform run by English Folk Expo. It has four unique subscriber types: Artist, Industry, Fan and now also Virtual Showcase

We created this platform following several requests from industry and artists for a way for the folk, roots and acoustic music sector to engage and reach out year round; especially to those people not able to be at the annual EFEx Showcase each October. There are so many opportunities for artists and industry alike that it can be difficult to keep track of them. We wanted this portal to provide a vital link between artists, industry and fans about the latest in the folk scene. We hope you will enjoy and benefit from using it, make great connections and grow the reach of this genre of music!

Here’s how it works:

Each subscriber type (Artist, Industry, Fans and Virtual Showcase) has access to different content. No subscriber has the contact details of any other subscriber through this platform.

Industry and Artists are able to directly message other Industry and Artists through our ‘contact’ tab. The recipient then receives an email with the message, however the Industry or Artist sending the message does not receive any contact information from the person they have tried to reach. If the person receiving the message chooses to respond, at this point correspondence moves automatically on to email.

Fans have no access to the ‘Industry Listings’ page and are not able to access the ‘contact’ tab in artist profiles.

There are different resources and offers available to Industry, Artists and Fans. For example, discounts on public events are usually only available to Fans, whereas mentoring opportunities might only be available to Artists.

If you would like to recommend a resource, offer or make a suggestion to the platform, please email info@englishfolkexpo.com

View our privacy policy here: https://www.englishfolkexpo.com/privacy-policy-2/